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My account

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is there a problem with MY Account   i have just tried to log in    and i cant it comes up as an error  or  i am not allowed to i just tried again and it comes up with this  The username or password you have provided is incorrect. Please try again.

i have just tried again  it seems to be back to where it was before but this time when i try  and log in it doesnt  log in  but goes back to the start   and this  is there next to where you log in  To complete this transaction, we will need to access your account information. Please login with your My Account details. so  i ask  how can i  




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Re: My account

Same thing happening to me.  Try to "retrieve password" and that isn't working either.  After clicking "Continue" nothing happens.

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Re: My account


now it is telling me thid

Not Authorised    

You do not have permissions to perform this action.

what is going on



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Re: My account

Hey gotnowhere, sorry about this. I can confirm that we're currently experiencing issues with our online My Account. We have no ETA at this stage as to when this will be fixed but our engineers are currently working on the issue.

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